Receipt and attachment handling improvements


  • Receipts created in Procountor Mini are now ordered by the date of the receipt instead of the date of creation. This order is used in both Mini and Procountor (browser version).
  • Until now, receipts without a place of purchase have been visible in the Cost receipt management view with an empty name field, in case the view was accessed through the “Add receipt > Add from cost receipt management” function. These receipts are now titled as “nameless receipt”. Receipts that have been given a place of purchase are named after the place of purchase, as before.
  • All views with an attachment panel now have the new, improved attachment panel that was introduced to sales invoices in earlier updates. This attachment panel has all the same features and buttons as the old one, however the attachment preview has been repositioned under the action buttons, which gives more space for the preview and makes the attachments easier to read.