New email notifications in the invoice circulation substitution feature

We have created new email notifications related to the invoice circulation substitutions feature. If users have not disabled emails from Procountor, they will now receive email notifications as either substituted users or substitutors about:

  • new substitutions
  • updated substitutions
  • removed substitutions
  • reminders when a substitution is starting

Email notifications can be enabled/disabled in Personal information and settings.


Tagging users in invoice-specific discussion – more users available

We have expanded tagging users in invoice specific discussion t to cover all environment users related to invoice circulation. 

Earlier, the tagging feature only suggested the invoice creator, editors, verifiers/approvers and old commenters. Is the new feature is enabled, the tagging feature will also suggest all users with rights to verification and/or approval.

The new feature can be enabled or disabled from the Invoice circulation management view by enabling 'Allow extended user tagging on invoice specific discussion'. By default, the feature is disabled. Editing the settings requires user rights to editing basic company information.


Relocated invoice-specific discussion settings

All invoice-specific discussion settings have been moved to the Invoice circulation management view. These settings include:
  • Allow invoice specific discussion
  • Allow extended tagging on invoice specific discussion



  • The Receipt Search view has been updated. The text search, date ranges and date fields have been placed more clearly.
  • The table behaviour on Reconciliation Report for Open Invoices has been updated so that a previously selected row stays selected when a search is run again for the table (provided that the row still matches given search criteria).