Invoice circulation

Substitution feature for invoice circulation

We have released a new substitution feature for invoice circulation. It is now possible to set a substitute user for a user who is not able to verify or approve purchase, travel and expense invoices.

Purpose of the functionality is to ease the process of invoice circulation when users are absent and are not able to verify or approve invoices.

The feature can be found from Invoice circulation management view and/or from Personal information and settings view.

Main users (or other users with sufficient user rights) can set substitutes for other users in Invoice circulation management view. Here, it is also possible to determine whether users can set substitutes for themselves or not. If the “Allow users to set substitutes for themselves from Personal information and settings view” setting is enabled, users can set their own substituting verifiers and/or approvers in their Personal information and settings.

Substitutes can be set for verification and/or approval separately to a certain substitution time period that can be maximum of 6 months. Once a user has been set as a substitute and the substitution time period begins, the user will be treated as a regular verifier/approver and their name can be seen in the invoice’s approval circulation settings.


Renewed Invoice circulation management

The Invoice circulation management view has gone through a UI facelift. The view can be found in: Management > Company info > Invoice circulation management.

The usability has been improved and all invoice circulation related settings are now gathered in a single view.

The view has all the settings from the previous view. In addition, new settings related to invoice circulation substitutions have been added (see the section above). In our following releases, we will continue to add more approval circulation, invoice discussion and circulation-related dimensioning settings here.


Showing all verifiers/approvers in Invoice circulation hub

It is now possible to see an overview of an invoice's circulation information in Invoice circulation hub. Users can easily check the overview of the circulation info from the search results table by clicking the new info button next to current verifier name. This info button opens new pop-up that shows all the verifiers and approvers of the invoice.

Current verifiers/approvers are shown bolded and underlined, users that have already done their task are shown with a dimmed font and upcoming verifiers/approvers are shown in default font. The overview also shows ongoing substitutions and takes determined order of circulation into account if it is enabled in the environment.


Language settings


Language setting relocated to the top bar

The language options have been moved from Personal Information and settings view to the top bar. There is now a globe icon next to Basics menu. Clicking on the globe icon opens the language options in a dropdown menu. This menu enables changing the language on any view, without the need to navigate to Personal information and settings. Note that the pages will reload when the language is changed.

The language changed from the globe icon changes the language of the Procountor user interface. The language selection is personal.



PEPPOL to Electronic invoice operator list

We have added a new option called PEPPOL to the Electronic invoice operator dropdown list. Users can now select PEPPOL as the operator for electronic sales invoices.

We have also changed the name for Apix 360 AB. The new name is Apix Messaging (APIXSE).



Usability improvements

Improvements to the Accounts and Transactions report

The updated Accounts and Transactions reconciliation tool has been developed further. The Transactions table maintains row selections when more transactions are added by selecting additional accounts in the Accounts table on the left. In addition, the bookkeeping account's number information has been added to the rows in the Transactions table.

When rows are selected in the tables, the Select all check box changes to a new state. Based on the new Select all checkbox state, it is clear to see if any rows have been selected even if there is a large number of rows. Clicking the Select all check box in this state will deselect all selected rows.

When accessing a receipt from the Transactions table, the transaction row that was originally clicked on the Accounts and Transactions report will be automatically selected. Previously, the first row was selected by default.


Improvements to Bank statements and reference payments

 The updated Bank Statements and Reference Payments view has been developed further. The table’s behavior when sorting has been improved. In addition, it is now possible to remove the row groupings from the table when sorting. This setting can be found in the table's panel and it is set on by default. Grouping is removed only when reorganizing the table rows by sorting.

We have added a link to allocated invoice on the rows.

Some buttons on the accounting view have been updated.