Invoice circulation

A new search criterion for invoices in circulation

We have released a new search criterion on the Invoice circulation hub view. It is now possible to search invoices on the view by using the verifier / approver person's name as a search criterion. Purpose of the additional search criterion is to make it easier for users to filter invoices on the view.

Find the new feature from the "Search criteria" panel in the Invoice circulation hub. When typing a name of a person to the "Verifier/Approver" field, all invoices where this person is part of the invoice's circulation process will be listed to the search results. When selecting the additional selection "Search current verifier only", just those invoices are shown where the user used in the search is the current verifier or approver.


Reconciliation tools

The updated Account Inspection Report: Accounts and Transactions
The Account Inspection Report has been renamed as Accounts and Transactions. We have made changes to the tool to better support working with it on a daily basis. The default positioning of the tables has been updated and going through accounts has been simplified. We have also changed the summary section so that detecting any changes in VAT and receipts unreconciled does not require action.
Improvements to The Reconciliation Report for Open Invoices
The Reconciliation Report for Open Invoices has been updated to better support daily work. The search criteria are presented in a clearer way and ledger accounts are shown on the view. The table component has been improved. Date rows which contain a difference are highlighted in yellow and both Difference and Change values are emphasized. In addition, there are separate buttons available for default date search and search from start of the financial year on the top of view.

Fixes and improvements

Bank statements and reference payments

  • We have fixed an issue where reference payments were shown as a lump sum instead of dividing the sum to payment-specific rows in the reference payments view. The issue was related to reference payments coming from SEB and Handelsbanken banks. The rows are no longer shown as a lump but in separate rows.
  • The Bank Statements and Reference Payments view has undergone some changes. We have rearranged the search criteria in order to save space and have the criteria visible at all times. In addition, the table has been upgraded to handle large amounts of data better.

Invoice verification

  • Table for the Verification of Multiple Invoices has been updated to handle large amounts of data better. The view can be accessed in the Verification drop down menu in Receipt Search.

General improvements

  • Newer table types have been updated to enable the selection of multiple rows using keyboard commands together with mouse. The check boxes can now also be used to select a range of rows using Shift key. For Mac users, the Command key works in selecting multiple rows.
  • Drop down menus that show the current location in the program have been updated visually. These are the Go To button menu and the Basic menu (opened from the top-right corner in Procountor). The changes improve the readability of menu items.