A new Approval circulation setting: Editing payee information

We have released a new setting to the Management > Company info > Approval circulation settings view. It is now possible to select whether it is possible to edit Payee information on the payment view in the environment.

Purpose of blocking changes on the payment view's payee information is to have better security to payments in general.

The new setting is: "Prevent payee information change on payment view?". When the checkbox is used, it is not possible to change the payee information on payment views, i.e. payee information cannot be edited after the invoice has been approved. When the setting is not in use, payee information (recipient account etc.) can be changed when adding new payments, without the need to set the invoice back to Unfinished state.


Other improvements
  • We have improved the contrast and readability of the highlighting effect in the Procountor sidebar menu. The highlighting effect shows the current path used in Procountor. In addition, we have changed the effect mouse cursor has in the sidebar.
  • We have fixed the Management Operations front page widget so that any changes made to the widget’s settings will now only effect the environment the changes are made in.