Procountor VERSION 38.0

Version 38.0 of Procountor has been published on Saturday, March 21st. 
What's new? This version includes the following new features and improvements:
  • Cashflow forecast
  • New attachment handling feature for sales invoices, orders and offers
Read more about the upcoming changes below.

Cashflow forecast

Announcement widget's renewal
Cashflow forecast is a new feature for controllers and managers looking to predict their cashflow in the near future. The report can be found in: Reports > Cashflow forecast.

The forecast is based on the receipts in Procountor and their predicted effect on the cashflow. In addition, it is possible to add new cashflow events manually, without creating new receipts. The forecast is updated according to the events. These events can be viewed and edited on the “events” view, which is opened by clicking Edit forecasted events.

The forecast report shows the opening balance, inflows, outflows and closing balance on a daily, weekly or annual basis. The report can also be opened as a graph by clicking Show graph.

Accessing the cashflow forecast report requires sufficient viewing rights to accounting reports, sales, purchases, payment transactions, announcements and the company’s basic information.

Attachment handling

New attachment handling feature for sales invoices, orders and offers
The attachment handling of sales invoices, orders and offers has been renewed. The same attachment handling feature that has been used with other receipt types (such as purchase invoices) is now in use with sales invoices as well.

The old Attachments button is removed from the top of the view and the attachments are now accessed by using the side panel that displays the invoice image. Both the invoice image and the attachments can be viewed by using the same feature. Attachments can be added, opened, deleted and attached to selected invoice rows.

Other fixes and improvements

  • Several usability improvements have been made to Sales Transaction Report. Buttons related to the results table only have been moved down to table toolbar. It is now possible to collapse the panels that are not in use to gain more space for the results. In the Summary table, a clickable row for all results has been added.
  • After clicking Search open invoices in the Reconciliation report for open invoices, the search view is now opened on top of the report and can be closed by using the X button. It is also possible to make new searches in the receipt search view.
Bank statements

The bank statement messages/transaction descriptions now have a space in where there is a line break in the incoming data.

General usability

We have improved the selection of multiple items in a check box group component. It is now possible to use Shift key to select multiple items in between the choices.